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    Congratulations to the students who were accepted into Riverside Company, Upstage Revolution, Divaz,  and Back Up Band 2017-2018!

    In order to accept your spot in Riverside, Upstage, Divaz, or BUB you and your parent must each complete the following registration as soon as possible. Completing this online registration is your next step in becoming a member of Riverside Company, Upstage Revolution, and BUB 2017-2018. 

    **Please note: This is an annual registration.  If you or your child completed a registration in the past, you must also register again this year. Thank you!

    Completing this short registration will allow us to contact you with important Hastings Show Choir news and information.  No payment is due at this time. Activity fees can be paid via Pay Schools after July 1st and must be paid by the first rehearsal in September.

    Parents and students must both register annually.

    Registration Instructions:

    1. Log in to the website in the upper left corner using your username and password.
    **If you are new to Hastings Show Choir and have not previously become a member of the website, please do so before registering. If you are a  member of any other Sport NGIN websites, such as Hastings Hockey, HYAA, Hastings Lacrosse, Hastings Grad Party, HFC Soccer etc, you should use the same username and password to log in to this website in the upper left corner.

    2. Click on the red registration button and follow the instructions.  Be sure to indicate that you are registering as a "student." When your parents register, be sure that they register as a "parent." If your registration was successful, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 


    1. Log into our website near the upper left hand corner. If you have not previously become a member of our website, click on “Create an Account.” and follow the steps. You must be logged in to our website in order to claim a Dibs item. Please note: if you are a member of any other Sports Engine website, you can use the same username and password on all Sports Engine websites.  

    2. Click on the “Dibs” tab at the top of the screen.

    3. Under “Available Sessions”, click on "2018 Swingin on the River."

    4. In order to see all of the unclaimed volunteer slots, under “status”, choose “unclaimed” and then click on “filter Dib items.” If you would like to see all unclaimed volunteer slots for a specific category such as concessions or security, click on “category” and make your choice, then click on “filter Dib items."

    5. Choose a volunteer spot and click on it.

    6. Click “Claim this Dib item”

    7. Fill out the informational sheet. For the “athlete” you can choose your name or your child’s name. For “fulfiller” type the name of the person who is volunteering. Complete phone number and email address.

    8. Click “Claim Dib Item”

    9. You will receive an email confirmation that you have claimed a Dibs item. You will also receive a reminder e-mail the day before Swingin' on the River with your specific volunteer information. If you would like to check on your dibs item at any time, you can log into the website, click on Dibs, then click on “My Dibs:View all of my currently claimed Dibs items.”


    Swingin' on the RIver Feb 10, 2018


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