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    Totino Grace Spectacular Results

    Congratulations to Divaz, Upstage Revolution, Riverside Company and BUB for your inspiring performances!


    Upstage Revolution was 1st place in the prep division!

    Sam Kelly was named Best Male Soloist, Class AA

    Riverside Company received Best Vocals



    Swingin' On the River Photos

    All of the photos from Swingin' on the River are available through and at:



    They are available in folders for each group with the starting photo being the image from the door to their Swingin' homeroom. Each photo is downloadable for free and there is a tool in the upper corner that allows for cropping of photos if you'd like to focus in on a particular performer. The photo quality will downgrade depending on how deeply you crop it. It was fun to see all the performers. Good luck with the rest of the Show Choir Season!


    Denny Beck

    Notice: The Hastings Show Choir Flickr Account will be discontinued on February 1st. 

    In The News 2017

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