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    Totino Grace Spectacular Results

    Congratulations to Riverside Company and BUB!
    1st Runner Up

    Eva Storkamp -Best Female Soloist

    You are our heroes! You are our song!

    Congratulations to Dynamic Edition (4th place SG) and Upstage Revolution (3rd place Class A)! We are so proud of your fantastic performances at Totino!

    Congratulations to Linn-Mar 10th Street Edition, Swingin' On the River Grand Champions!

    Thank you to all 21 groups that poured their heart and soul out on the stage. You inspire us all!

    Thank you to our Swingin’ On the River Committee, our directors, judges, all our volunteers, students and HHS staff for helping us have an amazing day! 

    Swingin' On the River 2020 Results

    Finals -Class AA

    GC   Linn Marr 10th Street Edition (Best Choreo)

    1RU Johnston Innovation (Best Vocals)

    2RU Omaha Westside ATSC (Best Band)

    3RU Bemidji Vocalmotive

    4RU Bloomingtion Kennedy Rhythm in Gold

    5RU Totino Grace Company of Singers

    Class AA Best Soloist -Delaney Wetjen (Omaha ATSC)

    Class AA Best Soloist -Calder Keirger (Bemidji Vocalmotive)


    Single Gender

    1st   Linn Mar Hi-Style

    2nd Omaha Westside Simply Irrersistible

    3rd Bemidji La Voce Ballo

    SG Best Soloist -Kyra Kranz (Linn Mar Hi-Style)

    SG Best Soloist  Sophia Azmi (BK East Side Swingers)


    Class A

    1st   Johnston Synergy

    2nd Linn Mar In Step

    3rd New Prague Emotion

    Class A Best Soloist- Marcus Anderson (Johnston Synergy)


    Best Crew -Johnston Synergy


    People's Choice Award -Totino Grace T-Tones

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