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Audition Results

Congratulations on a fantastic audition and welcome to Upstage Revolution!

Formal registration for Upstage will take place in September. Have a great summer and see you next fall!

Upstage Revolution 2019-2020

Derek Brooks

Peyton Cater

Ethan Castro

Kylee Davis

Brody Hampl

Ashley Hofmeister

Ashley Johnson

Will Mace

Zach Mangen

Claire Meier

Xander Miller

Tess Nordine

Caleb Olson

Mekede Radiate

Carter Reimer

Tori Robarge

Alexis Ross

Joey Roche

Emma Sampson

Hannah Schutt

Aiden Sorenson

Bre Steen-Caulkins

Caleb Teegarden

April Thurmes

Gabe Tribe

Caleb White